Mikael Larson represents Lytics at Vitalis on the 25th of April

Innovation Skåne and HealthTech Nordic organize a workshop at Vitalis 2018. The workshop gathers companies and individuals that collectively carry experiences and solutions to remove obstacles for digital health care. See you in the exhibition hall at booth B02:11 


Lytics has been selected for the Bridge Market Check program

Lytics has recently been selected for the Bridge Market Check program which consists of a collaboration with Sahlgrenska Science Park and Business Sweden. The program has a focus on helping Swedish Med Tech companies enter the UK market, and the collaboration grants Lytics access to a broad network within the UK market, as well as in depth analyses and understandings of how the market functions.

Other Uses for Lytics Technology

Lytics technologies are very versatile, which means there are potential uses for them within a broad range of different diseases. The diseases lifted on this page are diseases in which Lytics technology is currently actively being implemented within.

Click here to find out about other diseases Lytics technology can be used within →

Update: this recruitment is closed. 

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Mattias Paulsson
Lytics presents at the Life Science day on the 5th of December in Stockholm

As a young company within an industry with high growth potential, which is in constant development, Lytics is in a prime position to change and form the future of healthcare. With this being said the constant development also leads to many challenges along the way. Due to this it becomes vital to interact and build contacts with other companies and entrepreneurs within the same position as Lytics, in order to learn from each other to overcome the obstacles.

Mattias Paulsson to represent Lytics at KPMG Case Competition

The fact Lytics currently is headquartered within Sweden is something we consider a distinct advantage. Sweden is amongst the leading countries in regards to driving change within the healthcare sector, with many new startups and organizations developing and the government pushing for change. Being located in Malmö gives us yet another advantage as we have close proximity to Lund which is home for one of Sweden's largest Universities. This gives us the ability to tap into new undiscovered talents and allows for us to interact with leading academics.

Lytics met with representatives from the Korean Development Institute

This past week Lytics had a meeting with representatives from the Korean Development Institute to consult them on matters regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence within Healthcare. Lytics sees this as the start of a longer cooperation regarding the issues and are happy to provide any assistance we can to further the development. Korea is an interesting market for Lytics and we are pleased to further our relationship with the Korean government and Korean companies within the healthcare sector.

On Monday the 16th of October Lytics CEO Mattias Paulsson will be attending Foo Café in Malmö from 17:30 to 19:30. Lytics has had a major breakthrough in implementing our technology and delivering results through collaboration with American clinics over the past year. Through an interview based format Mattias will explain and answer questions regarding how we integrate our technology into the current healthcare systems. He will also discuss how our results will contribute to revolutionizing the healthcare system through significantly lowering costs.

Lytics will sponsor a seminar at Foo Café on Thursday the 28th of September, between 18:00-20:30. The Barrel AI Monkeys presents the speaker Dr. Michael Green who will hold a seminar on Bayesian predictive inference machines using Probabilistic programming. During the interval pizza and beer will be served. Please register at Foo Café for seminar tickets (no cost) by following the link below.