Are AI and Big Data supporting the desolidarization of the health care system
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We are looking for a Software and Database Developer to our office in Malmö, Sweden. You will be working with our engineering team to provide actionable and data-informed insights that impact the quality of life for many people. We value insight driven innovation, collaboration, and feedback. This is a place where individual passion to improve lives directs our collective curiosity, which fuels the ideas, and projects we use our talents to deliver. Our organization and processes are fluid, allowing us to act quickly on emerging business opportunities.

Lytics was featured in an article in a series of articles about the top 25 artificial intelligence solution providers 2017. The article named “Bringing Healthcare at your Finger Tips” talks about Lytics’ developed solution LYTICS VÖR®.

Walk the talk
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Mattias Paulsson
The generosity of strangers (an ode to the python community)
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Magnus Öinert
Whom shall I kill today?
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Fredrik Jönsson
Who and what am I?
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Mikael Larson
The moon in the system
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Yanchen Li

Principal investigator and consultant Niklas Nielsen, noted for his pioneering work in clinical trials regarding the effects of cooling published in New England Journal of Medicine, has signed an agreement with Lytics for yet another large international multicenter clinical trial. The trial, TTM2, has due to the immense success of the previous trial received much attention.

Artificial intelligence is dangerous. And not.
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Anders Brodin