Anders Brodin

Anders Brodin

Scientific Advisor

Anders Brodin serves Lytics in a scientific advisory role within applied mathematics and machine learning.  

Anders brings his experience of exploratory machine learning and applied mathematics within life science to the Lytics team. His prominent research is based on biologically inspired computer modeling techniques. For example he has used neural networks to show that visual perception may play a role in speciation in birds and stochastic dynamic programming to investigate how different memory systems interact in an animal’s mind when it memorizes food caches it has made. Anders teaches machine learning methods such as genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks at university courses on advanced level.  Prior to his academic careers Anders has served as an officer in the Swedish Marine and worked as a teacher in Physical Education.  

Anders is Professor in Theoretical Ecology at the Department of Biology at Lund University. He holds a Ph.D. at Stockholm University and a post doc at the Department of Applied Mathematics at University of Toronto. 

"Lytics is focused on an exciting mix of biologically inspired methods that I believe is the future of programming and software development."